Data Sheet:


MRP-ST LAB TST 2015 – Tensile strength for MRP-Schnettler automatic test line


Laboratory tensile strength measurement

The tensile strength is carried out at MRP – Schnettler with the module MRP-ST LAB TST 2015. Here TST stands for Tensil Strength Tester. It can be determined in CD and MD direction depending on the requirements. For this purpose a punch cuts a 15mm wide strip, depending on the desired evaluation direction.


Features / Characteristics

The tensile strength measurement in the automatic test line is characterized by the following features:

  • destructive measurement
  • good repeatability


Physical principle

The cut sample strip is held firmly at the beginning and end by two hold-down devices. In the middle, an electric cylinder with an attached load cell presses against the paper. During this process, the force/displacement measured values are recorded cyclically. The measured values of interest are calculated from these.