Data Sheet:


MRP-ST LAB BUR 2015 – Burst pressure measurement for MRP-Schnettler automatic test line


Laboratory burst pressure measurement

At MRP – Schnettler the bursting pressure is performed with the Bursting Pressure Tester called MRP-ST LAB BUR 2015 device. To determine the bursting pressure or bursting strength of a paper, the so-called bursting pressure test is carried out. This test works

according to the Mullen principle. The paper is clamped in a circle on a membrane, which bulges under the effect of pressure and causes the material sample to burst. The hydraulic pressure acting on the membrane during bursting is also the bursting pressure of the sample to be measured.


Characteristics / Features

The burst pressure measurement in the automatic test line is characterized by the following features:


  • destructive measurement
  • good repeatability
  • Reference samples are included
  • with existing basis weight index


the burst index can be calculated


Physical principle


With the burst pressure gauge different materials can be tested. The sample is clamped pneumatically. The diaphragm is lifted by a hydraulic system, which is monitored by a flow meter and optical encoder. The best pressure tester complies with international standards for measuring burst pressure on paper, foils, cardboard, corrugated board.