Data Sheet:


MRP-ST LAB GLO 2015 – Gloss measurement according to DIN and Tappi standards for MRP-Schnettler automatic test line


Laboratory Gloss measurement

At MRP-Schnettler the laboratory gloss measurement is carried out with the MRP-ST LAB GLO 2025 gloss meter. The sensor corresponds to the online sensor. Since the year 2000 there is a DIN standard for the determination of the gloss on paper in addition to the well-known TAPPI standard. MRP works closely together with Schnettler Technologies, which manufactures and distributes the world-famous Lehmann gloss sensors. These sensors are available in Tappi as well as in DIN standards – according to your wishes the sensors can be installed in the MRP-Schnettler test line.


Characteristics / Features

The gloss measurement in the automatic test line is characterized by the following features:

  • one-sided, non-contact measurement on a suction table
  • Tappi standards available
  • DIN standards available


Physical principle

In gloss measurement, a light beam is directed at a defined angle (75° or 45° depending on the standard) from one side onto the paper web. The intensity of the directly reflected light beam is measured at the same angle. According to the standard, a standard light A is used as light source. Different apertures in connection with the angle of incidence provide different optical spot sizes according to the standards. A V(λ) filter ensures the spectral sensitivity according to the standards, analogous to the human eye.