Data Sheet:


MRP-ST LAB CLP 2015 – Thickness measurement for MRP-Schnettler automatic test line


Laboratory Thickness measurement

Thickness measurement at MRP – Schnettler is carried out with the device MRP-ST LAB CLP 2015, the thickness gauge for the automatic testing line. In addition to the basis weight measurement, this is generally part of the basic equipment of every automatic test line.


Thickness gauge:

The measured values are determined by a high-precision probe (resolution 0.1 μm), which is automatically extended and retracted over a spindle. The automatic thickness gauge always has the same contact pressure, depending on the desired DIN standard. In order to increase the measuring frequency, the stroke when extending and retracting can be adjusted by the user. This allows the measuring task for wide webs or high resolutions to be shortened considerably without affecting the accuracy achieved.

The thickness gauge selected here is successfully used in many stationary laboratories.