Data Sheet:


MRP-ST LAB PPS 2015 – roughness measurement according to the Parker-Printsurf method for MRP-Schnettler automatic test line


Laboratory roughness measurement

There are three common test methods for determining the roughness or smoothness of paper: Bekk, Bendtsen and Parker Print Surf (PPS) smoothness. MRP and Schnettler recommend the roughness measurement according to Parker Print Surf for smooth graphic papers intended for high-quality printing.


Characteristics / Features

The roughness measurement according to Parker Print Surf in the automatic test line is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • contacting measurement
  • good repeatability
  • Reference samples are included


Physical principle

The applied measuring principle is called air flow measurement. Here, a measuring head is pressed against the paper and the amount of air that escapes at a defined pressure is a measure of the quality of the paper surface. The results of each measurement are converted into μm. The lower the measured value, the more even or smooth the surface.