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Not only your car is subject to MOT, but also your quality control system. The regular mainte-nance of all components (preventive maintenance) increases the service life as well as the availa-bility of the system. This prevents cost-intensive downtimes and thus increases your productivity. Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly draft an appropriate maintenance contract for you.
A maintenance contract for a regular preventive maintenance performed by our trained personnel ensures the highest availability of your quality control system.
Since regular maintenance is key for avoiding expensive repairs. The contracts includes the costs for service visits and labour for several maintenance works (depending on your machine require-ments and your wishes) per year. Thus, the maintenance costs are predictable.
The maintenance contract with MRP Automatisierungstechnik GmbH or Heinz Betzer Automa-tisierungstechnik represents a comprehensive service package at fixed prices:

  • Visual inspections of all components
  • Electrical inspection of the sensors and the measuring frames
  • Mechanical inspection of the traversing units and the replacement of wear parts, if re-quired.
  • Adoption of the zero profile
  • Issuing of an QLS status report and providing an offer for the elimination of possible defi-ciencies.
  • Reduced prices for spare parts