Other services - optimisation phase / EN

After commissioning, all functions of a QLS are tested and demonstrated. However, an optimisa-tion phase will frequently commence at this stage, which can increase the productivity of your machine. Take advantage of our experts to optimise your process sequences as well as your pro-duction and plant operation processes. Such optimisation phase can be performed cyclically, e.g. 2 times a year.


Replacement of radioactive preparations

Radioactive preparations should be replaced with new ones after their half-life period has expired. MRP offers to replace your radioactive preparations. MRP fulfils all statutory requirements for this purpose. Your old preparations will be disposed of in accordance with the applicable regula-tions. We provide you with the appropriate proof of disposal for your supervisory authority.

Do you have questions regarding radio-active preparations? Please feel free to call us, we will gladly assist you.