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The MRP quality control system MRP QLS 2003 was specifically developed for the paper industry. It is characterised by its compact design, the predominant use of standard components and a modern software architecture.
The system is designed for the collection and presentation of the various parameters that are required for the optimal operation of a paper, cardboard and coating machine.

The various MRP sensors are capable of determining parameters such as grammage, filler, coat weight, moisture, thickness, colour, gloss, formation or porosity for various paper and cardboard types.
The MRP quality control system MRP QLS 2003 consists of one or more sensors and traversing frames, which are coupled with one or more computers via Ethernet or Profibus.



Characteristics / Features


  • Profibus-capable sensors installed in stationary or traversing measuring frames.
  • One or more measuring frames can be integrated
  • Client/Server principle of the operating and monitoring stations
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system