Bahninspektionssysteme  / EN

After several years of development time, MRP introduces the new web inspection system MRP-WIS2008. MRP-WIS2008 has been designed for an efficient and reliable web inspection of high-quality materials such as paper, film, metal and nonwoven and is inter alia used for detecting defects as well as for coating inspections. It is a modular web inspection system that is based on the latest camera, transmission and il-lumination technologies. Thus, it enables all inspection tasks regarding your production and/or subsequent processing chain. Depending on the task at hand, MRP provides a wide range of assemblies and system structures, which are selected and exactly adapted to meet your requirements and to solve your tasks. In terms of web width and web velocity, the MRP web inspection systems MRP-WIS2008, can virtually be adapted both technically and economically, to any production facility.